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After exploring pretty much every hiking trail south of Durham, we decided to set sail for the West. Following a pretty uneventful walk in Langley Park, my partner and I decided to discover Ragpath Wood, which was supposed to be a nice little trail which is frequently used by locals and nature lovers alike. We decided to access the trail from Ushaw, which gave us the chance to explore the lovely 19th century (yet very medieval looking) university college and its fluffy residents before we headed towards our access point.


It is known: if I see any sort of animal, I will stop and I will pet it. Which makes me wonder what kind of danger I would put myself into, was I ever to walk in the woods somewhere in the United States, where large carnivores are still a reality *mental imagery of myself running after a pack of wolves to pet them all


While heading towards our access point, we also befriended this unusual, moustache-bearing horse. Ever seen a stallion with a moustache? Is it a normal thing? If so, please do leave a comment down below.


We also had a chance to spot a lovely foal and his/her mummy. After spending a ridiculous amount of time going ‘awww’ at all these new friends of ours (and some dangerous walking on the side of a country road), we finally located our access points, and off to Ragpath we go. The walk was unfortunately not as nice as I had anticipated, which has probably something to do with the fact that all the trees had been put down during WW2 and a current project is now seeking to restore the woods’ old glory. Towards the end of the path, we did however get to a nice little place full of little streams. *Pictures below*