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After weeks spent reading and analysing EU-Russia relations, it was time to take a break. I thus set off for a journey back in time, when fierce Roman legions watched over Britannia. What best place to start, than with Hadrian’s Wall itself?

A journey back in time was indeed, as the further you get away from big northern cities, the more lack of decent transportation becomes noticeable. In my quest to reach Housesteads Roman Fort and Hadrian’s Wall, I had to take a train to Newcastle, to then change to the tiniest local train I had ever seen, which dropped us off at a place that I shall just call bamblefuck (if you’ll pardon my French). From there, we managed to get a decent deal off a cab driver, who kindly dropped us off at the Roman Fort. Let me tell you though, the Tolkienian journey was well worth it. We arrived to a magnificent plain field covered in white beauty.



…and already made some new, fluffy friends!


After a brief visit at the small museum located just by the fort, we wandered through the remains of the barrack blocks and the commandant’s house, imagined how life used to be like when 800 Roman soldiers were stationed here, battling the bitter Northern cold and hostile populations.


As we approached the fort, I turned into my kid-in-a-candy-shop pirouette-mode, and I have been spotted jumping up and down in the snow, hiding behind corners and examine the ruins from up close. That has much to do with my passion for ancient and medieval history, but this one time it also had a lot to do with the fact that I had never seen this much snow in my life before. The white, fluffy beauty reached my knees (which admittedly might not be saying much as I’m 5’4 tall) and I had an amazing time climbing and playing with the snow.


So what’s Beyond the Wall? Turns out it’s just cattle.10945520_10204296966237106_4634696080356172454_n