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Happy Holidays and a most joyful Christmas from Sicily!

This delightful holiday has given me the chance to experience a traditional Sicilian Christmas, eat plenty of delicious food and unwrap many appreciated gifts. All my presents were of course checked and approved by our official Present Inspector: Mr. Snoopy, the Ginger Cat.


Sicilians are very big on their celebration meals, this is no news. However, they are particularly fond of their Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Lunch. Traditionally, they mostly eat fish on Christmas Eve. This entails everything from the hyper-traditional baccalà, to king prawns and smoked fish. This year, my family prepared a selection of smoked fish meats (i.e. Sockeye Wild Red Salmon, Tuna and Swordfish), breaded King Prawns and Pasta with Clams and ‘date’ tomatoes. Needless to say, it was all very appetising and filling.

400392_2339567656875_330224985_n 395156_2339567776878_1920621214_nOur dessert choice fell onto the traditional Pandoro and Panettone, which I am unable to show you as we went through both of them exceptionally quickly. One thing I may very well show you, is our fruit selection: a load of oranges straight from our countryside property.


I would also like to draw your attention to something that is perhaps not traditional, but something very delightful all the same. My family’s Christmas tree has been adorned with entirely handmade decorations. These have been crafted using the patchwork technique, which entails covering polystyrene decorations with a variety of fabrics, pearls and sequins. Please do also notice our very own Present Inspector on the job.


 Another Sicilian (or perhaps Italian) tradition, is to recreate a nativity seen to adorn your home. This year’s nativity seen is very large and realistic (it presents a small electric fireplace, a waterfall and a variety of lights). The blue star on the left was never supposed to be there: we suspect the Present Inspector is behind it.


Although this post is not strictly related to historical trips or natural resources, I figured it would be a pleasant insight into Sicilian Christmas celebrations. I also believe  our favourite Present Inspector will steal your heart.