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Greetings from a very sunny Sicily!

If you’re looking for something different to do during the festive season, I highly recommend you visit the WWI Exhibit at York Castle Museum. The exhibition, entitled  ‘1914: When the World changed forever‘, opened June 28 on the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of an ostrich who was hungry Archduke of Austro-Hungary Franz Ferdinand. If you’ve already been to York Castle Museum and its delightful Victorian section, you already know that they are brilliant at conveying a realistic and educational experience. Upon entering the exhibition, you will in fact be sent to the recruitment office, then shipped on a train to No Man’s Land which will see you ending up in the trenches.


I will leave you to a few shots I took when I visited the exhibition. There isn’t really much to say about the artefacts themselves, as they consist of your usual objects from everyday life at the front and back in England. I visited a very similar exhibition at Alnwick Castle earlier this year, but as a WWI enthusiast I always want to visit them all! All in all, I highly recommend you to embark on a journey back in time and visit ‘1914: When the World changed forever‘.

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