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Bless the College system, for that gives me the opportunity to have dinner inside a castle. The castle in question is that of Durham, which is also home to University College. For those who are unfamiliar with the college system, this means students actually get to live in the Castle and have their meals in the Dining Hall. Cool, right? Me, my partner in crime (and a bunch of other people from our college) decided to surrender to the University College experience and register for a formal dinner at Durham Castle.


This is the Castle’s Great Hall where we spent a pleasant evening with old friends and, quite frankly, also drunk a lot of wine. This room is only one of Durham Castle’s ‘treasures’, but given the lighting conditions I will write more about it in a dedicated post with pictures from my previous daytime visit. I however felt like writing a little something about this particular night, as I find that being in a castle at night has an entirely different feel to it. Wandering around the large corridors and the hidden rooms is almost magical!


After our meal, we decided to get some more drinks at the Undercroft Bar. That is the castle’s very own bar, unsurprisingly located in the castle’s 11th century undercroft. As we finished our drinks, the Great Hall had already been prepared to host a Ceilidh event and we spent the rest of our evening dancing to Gaelic folk music. If there is one thing that I have learnt tonight, is that being a professional dancer is not a viable career option.


And here is the conclusion to this brief post with a picture of us all dolled up for the formal. Spot the tiny redhead who was too cold to bother to take her coat and scarf off for photographic purposes.