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I always find it difficult to think of anything decent to write in introductory posts, but hopefully you’ll be able to discover a bit more about this blog and the kind of content I am to discuss.

Nature and history have been my biggest passions since I can remember. As a child I was always looking forward to spending the day in my countryside property where I could take my dog on long walks, explore the countryside and warm up by our old fireplace. Seemingly, one of my favourite childhood activities was to read books on history and recreating artefacts, such as Egyptian vases and Roman mosaics. Twenty years later, things have not changed. As I moved to the North East of England I found myself overwhelmed with opportunities to discover this beautiful region, its natural resources and cultural heritage. This blog aims at documenting my little adventures in Northern England and beyond, with particular emphasis on nature and history. As my favourite historical periods are The Middle Ages and the two World Wars, do not be surprised if more attention will be paid to these two.